4 Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Hours

If you are reading this article right now you are probably looking for a career change and even more specifically one where you can set your own hours.

In terms of personality you may be one who leans towards being unstructured. Or it can also be that you are looking for a job where you can set your own work schedule because you have family to take care of. It is also possible that you just like to be your own boss.

Well, whatever your reason might be, here are four jobs where your own work schedule is up to you:

1. Freelance writing, blogging. Your skill and love for the written word is a step towards that job where you set your own hours. I have to say that with the internet being part of our “regular” life in the last 10 years has also meant more venues for you and me to connect with people and groups needing our writing services. And yes, I included blogging as this has been proven by many that you can earn and support your life and even your family, thanks to that humble blog. 

You need to build over time though your writing or blogging contacts as doing so would mean consistent income for you.

2. Consulting. Merriam-Webster defines consulting as “providing professional or expert advice”. If you have been working long and have been quite experienced over a specific field, consulting may just be the right door for you. Actually, there are many types of consulting and perhaps one of them is the specific consulting path for you.

Read up and seek out more information about consulting. Take the time to interview or talk to some consultants. Doing so will help confirm if consulting is the job you can embrace this time.

3. Tutoring. This is something you can do one-on-one or with a small group. You can tutor on areas where you have had training or special skill.

At one point in my life I tutored two grade-schoolers while I was waiting for the right time to leave the country and be engaged in mission work overseas. I was just really helping them with their homework and lessons. At another time, I also tutored Korean students to help them improve their English-speaking skills. I have had friends who tutored others in playing the keyboard and guitar as well as in school subjects like Physics. 

4. Portfolio Career or Portfolio Working. A portfolio career is “having several part-time jobs at once, rather than one full-time job. It is also having a series of jobs, each for a short time, rather than one job for a long time.” Examples of these would be being a part time-tutor and part-time instructor and writer at the same time. Or it could be doing consulting projects, playing as a session musician, and producing short films in different months or periods of the year.

I counted this as among the jobs where you own your working time as you can decide the days or hours you can be involved in a part time work or doing specific projects or performances. You juggle everything in, depending on your availability. This is something that people with varied interests can enjoy.

If you are serious about a career path where you decide your own work hours, then the four jobs above might be worth considering.

Well, go out there. Learn more. Explore possibilities.