3 Legit Ways to Fast-track Your Engineering Career

If you’re an engineering professional, you know how important it is to keep upgrading your knowledge so that what you learnt at university stays relevant in real-life situations encountered at your workplace.

Indeed, top professionals in any industry are those who make the time and effort to constantly up their game by advancing their professional expertise, upgrading their skills, and expanding their skill set to match changing industry needs. And this couldn’t be truer for engineers, whose specialized knowledge is in high demand in every industry.

If you’re keen to build a successful engineering career and stand out amongst your peers, here are three tips that will help you achieve your dreams.

Write for well-known publications
You will find that successful professionals in any field share their knowledge and experience with the world by writing for industry publications that matter. Whether it’s an engineering magazine, a blog or a newsletter, having your article published on a trusted information resource brings professional recognition and gives you an edge over others.

Support your writing with facts and figures; read books by industry stalwarts, attend seminars and conferences and take part in discussions—the more exposure you gain, the more writing material you’ll have.

Don’t lose heart if your submission is not accepted at your preferred publications. If you’re convinced you have a unique viewpoint that you want to share with fellow engineers, start your own blog. There will always be new and upcoming engineers keen to learn from an insider.

Continue your education by taking new courses
A great way to upgrade your professional knowledge and engineering skills is to attend a webinar, seminar or on-demand course by a well-respected and state-approved provider such as SEM Train, whose faculty comprise of top industry experts and academicians with decades of experience. In addition, SEM provides comprehensive study materials to support your learning.

Taking a relevant continuing education course delivered by a qualified expert at an accredited institution has many advantages: you earn education credit, your CV gets a big boost, and your self-confidence fires up from gaining up-to-date knowledge of your field.

Your desire to excel in your niche and to broaden your horizons through education will be a great pull for future employers.

Become a member of reputable engineering associations
Joining a good organization or professional association comes at a cost, but the membership fee will be well worth the value you’ll get in return. Become a member of local, state and national organizations engaged in activities pertaining to your particular engineering specialty.

In addition, join a couple of organizations that work in a niche you’re interested in and would like to learn more about (artificial intelligence or AI, for instance). Offer to volunteer for events and administrative tasks and make use of every opportunity to learn and gain exposure.

When your extracurricular activities involve meaningful professional engagements, the industry forms a positive opinion about you, which pays off in the long term when managers are looking to hire engineers with drive, ambition and expertise.