Top SEO Tools For 2019

Social media optimization gains high importance year after year. In 2019, SEO is going to be an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy and there are many tools and suites available which help you optimize the content and increase your rank on the search engine. If you have started a new business or have an established business and have been trying to increase the ranking for years, you will find a tool that is perfect for you. In order to help you make a well-informed decision, here are some tools you need to include in your toolbox.

Ubersuggest is an excellent keyword finding SEO tool. It will not only give you suggestions but will also show you an entire profile including the volume, the cost per click data and its seasonality. It will also give you an insight into how you can use words more intuitively. The keyword suggestion feature has allowed Ubersuggest to give hundreds of long tail keyword phrases and it also tells you how competitive every keyword is. It is available for free and is perfect for those who want insights on what the competitors are up to and it also shows the negative keywords that you can filter out.

Google Search Console
The goal of every business is to rank high on the search engine and Google Search Console will help you with the same. It is a suite of essential tools that help the webmasters find duplicated data, security issues, indexed pages and many other things that can cause trouble with the user ranking and experience. There are many things you can do with Google Search Console including submitting XML sitemaps, backlinks, security, indexing, seeing the impression regarding the websites and seeing a limited number of keywords based on which your website is ranked.

SEMRush has been in existence for a very long time. It delivers a number of useful features like discovering new competition, observing the ranking changes, seeking keywords your competitors use, discovering competition, determination of the correct keywords for PPC and SEO campaigns, backlink analysis, retrieving keywords and other important search phrases, finding keywords with less competition, gathering phrases and keywords in order to implement marketing campaigns and estimation of keyword difficulty. According to the article The 10 Best SEO Tools for 2019, SEMRush is good for finding new competition and seeing what keywords they are using, which helps you to know what to do to improve your rankings.

Screaming frog
Screaming frog is recommended by a lot of SEO experts and will continue to remain an important tool in 2019. Experts like it because it works really fast and it can be used to crawl through the website. It can also help your competitors and will give you better insights and leverage to make the website work better.

Another free SEO tool is SpyFu which allows the users to retrieve a specific number of keywords that are searched monthly. Every keyword will come with a level of competition and the difficulty to rank. In addition, you can also get a ranking analysis and it will give you an in-depth report of the keyword clicks, organic competitors, paid competitors and the ads created with Google Adwords. It is very detailed and is ideal for those who are into marketing research.

Ahrefs is cherished by a lot of webmasters. It is the second largest web crawler in the world and it offers the best analysis through its Site Audit. The tool is easy to use and it is more like a plug and chug platform. You can see where the website is performing well and what is bogging it down. You can also figure out different ways to improve the ranking of your site and this tool will help create high-quality backlinks by allowing you to discover the most linked content in a specific niche. Most importantly, it is free to use.

Fat Rank
If you want to know how the website will rank based on a single keyword, use Fat Rank. It will help you understand the rank of the keywords that are found in your content and all you need to do is add the keywords you are trying to rank for. Fat Rank will search for these keywords within the top 100 results in the search engine and if you do not make a rank, the tool will tell you how to.

SEO is here to stay and it is time you pay attention to these tools and grow your business.