5 Reasons Why You Should Study Online

Have you been trying to decide whether to pursue your studies online? And you have been struggling with the idea if it really is worth it? Well, let me give you 5 good reasons why you should go ahead and study online.

1. Convenience. I have been enrolled for a year now on a masters course online and with a US school at that. I do not have to travel physically to the location to attend classes. No need to drive, get a bus or walk to the campus. I just need my laptop, internet connection and full focus and I’m in 🙂

2. Savings. No need to spend money on fuel or fare. You also save on expenses for meals and lodging had you chosen to move nearer to the campus. You also get to save on time you would have used to get to campus.

3. Getting more equipped. Whether it is a short course or one that would mean getting either a new or a higher degree, you get more equipped in the present work you do. We all need to level up and be better prepared with work challenges. This can be met by studying online.

4. Broadening your horizon. Now you can also pursue studies to explore other fields of interest you have not had the opportunity to study or be involved in before. Perhaps you have been working as a writer and would like to know more about IT. Or you may be an engineer wanting to explore the world of creative writing. Even the experience of studying online is broadening your horizon if you haven’t ever tried studying online.

5. Checking something off your “someday” list. Perhaps you are like me who have thought for the longest time to get advanced studies but could not find the time to do it or could not find a nearby school where the course you wanted was available. And so going back to school or getting a new or higher degree is something you have relegated to the someday list. Well, it’s time to do it now. You can do it all online.

While all 5 reasons I have listed are all good reasons for you and me to study online, I will also be posting soon what can also be disadvantages in studying online. I will also be sharing with you some of the courses you can avail online and where they are offered.