How Technological Advancements Are Changing Packaging Industries

There is no part of the modern lifestyle that is void of technological advancements. The packaging industry is one such example where technology has made revolutionary advancements. With the increasing awareness about green and sustainable manufacturing, industries are adapting to the changing ways of production and packaging. Some of the industries that have seen most of the latest advancements are:

Food Industry.
The foremost is the food industry which has adopted the most harmless and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. With the inclusion of technologies like sustainable aqueous barrier coatings, molded fiber printing, and lightweight insulation technology, the food industry has become more incompetent than before. Materials are researched for non-carcinogens and preserving properties. Food needs to be fresh and preserved for a longer shelf life. Nonporous paper-based materials are other materials that have been widely accepted for the packaging of food products.

Personal Care Products
Deodorants, creams and other personal care products need special care while packaging. Lucrative designing of the package is very important for this industry. Easy access to the product is another quality that is looked for. Plastic injection molding is one such technology that combines them and function. Recently, the industry is adapting to more eco-friendly materials like jute and bamboo for packaging materials. With plastic being debated for so long for its harmful impacts on health and the environment, these new materials are probably the future of the packaging industry.

Household Products
Many household products such as room fresheners, cleaning agents, and appliances are packed with special care. For example, room fresheners need to be packed with propellant gases in airtight containers for easy and rapid response. Sean Carroll from Signature Filling Company ( says that aerosol air fresheners increase air pollution in your home because they contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. There is a new technology; Bag-on-valve, that separates these propellant gases from the aromatic ingredients.

Medical Sector
How can an industry with such great responsibility be neglecting packing technology? Sutures, medicines, and medical equipment are packed in sterilized packing materials. Materials with antimicrobial properties are being used for preserving the hygiene that these products need.

Industrial Products
Industrial products are not void of technical advances. The packaging materials need to enhance the functioning of industrial products. For example, belts are being coated with an anti-seize finish to prevent the slipping or undue breaking of the belts under high stress and operating temperatures. Lubricants and solvents need the utmost care to avoid any leakage or change in their properties. Many of these products release harmful fumes or gases. The packaging is designed such that it prevents any such event while transportation and storage.

It is not just the zeal to be environment-friendly that has led to these advancements. Government and various environmental agencies have a lot to contribute to the advancements that have been made. With new compliances and regulations being implemented regularly and amended, the industries are competing to be the most compliant. This, in fact, poses a responsible figure of the companies on the customers.